RESILINK general meeting in Rabat, Morocco

May 24, 2023·
Manuel Munier
Manuel Munier
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May 24th, 2023

Scientific day of the PRIMA RESILINK project organized at INRA Research Center Rabat, Morocco, by the INRA team (Dr. Hayat Lionbui, Dr. Tarik Benabdelouahab, Dr. Elhaj Elmaadoudi).

May 25th, 2023

The whole RESILINK team took the opportunity of the General Meeting at INRA Rabat to visit farmers and have discussion on RESILINK’s approach.

May 26th, 2023

This third day of the meeting was devoted to the presentation of the first technical results. After online Design Thinking sessions, RESILINK teams present at the General Meeting in Rabat had a physical Design Thinking session to better catch the requirements and the needs of farmers with regards to digital platforms for sharing resources.

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