A Secure Autonomous Document Architecture for Enterprise Digital Right Management


In information systems data security is one of the most important goals. This concerns the confidentiality of information but also its integrity and availability. The problem becomes even more difficult if a user wants to “checkout” a document from the information system, for example to work offline or to distribute it to other people outside the organization. During our work on the project FLUOR we used an object oriented approach to encapsulate within the document itself some security components (access control, usage control,…) and thereby to achieve an intelligent document oriented architecture for Enterprise DRM (E-DRM).

In 7th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet Based Systems (SITIS'2011)
IEEE, pages 16-23
Dijon, France, November 28 - December 1, 2011


E-DRM, secure document, usage control, distributed security, intelligent document

Manuel Munier
Manuel Munier
Associate Professor in Computer Science

My research interests include information security, risk management, and privacy.