A Semantic Contract Model and Knowledge-driven Process for Supporting Controllability in Service-oriented Approaches

Dec 12, 2016·
Elena Jaramillo
Philippe Aniorté [Dir]
Manuel Munier [Co-Dir]
· 0 min read
Service-oriented paradigms have dramatically changed the way of providing applications and doing businesses. Both SOA and the Cloud have enabled the creation of new paradigms based on dynamic collaborations. For final users, services offer a simplified access to functionalities and data. However, when a resource moves out beyond the walls of the organization there is no guarantee that resource was used by respecting those rules. This thesis proposes that the service provision be governed by a service contract.
(Philippe Aniorté, dir.) (Manuel Munier, co-dir.)
Thèse de doctorat UPPA (ED211 Sciences Exactes et leurs Applications)

Mont de Marsan (Landes), France, 12 décembre 2016