Une architecture pour intégrer des composants de contrôle de la coopération dans un atelier distribué

Link to publication: thèse Manuel Munier (Claude Godart, dir.)

Jury (PhD defense January 15, 1999)

  • Claude Godart (PR), Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy I, ESSTIN (→ président du jury)
  • Roland Balter (PR), Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
  • Claude Chrisment (PR), Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
  • Jacques Guyard (MC), Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy I


  • Jean-Marc Andreoli, Xerox Research Center Europe, Grenoble
  • Khalid Benali (MC), Université Nancy 2

Extended abstract

In this thesis we detail a new advanced transaction model that not only supports cooperation between activities through intermediate results exchanges while executing, but also allows them to be distributed and autonomous and to use possibly different cooperation schema to share their data. Our main objective was to decentralize the control of interactions towards the activities themselves, ie:

  • each activity coordinates its own interactions with other activities,
  • these controls performed locally implicitly ensure the synchronization of the whole system.

Besides the decentralization of the control of interactions, our second objective was to define mechanisms to let transactions negotiate the rules (cooperation schemas) they want to verify on their data exchanges.


cooperation, distribution, transaction, cooperation schema, negotiation

Manuel Munier
Manuel Munier
Associate Professor in Computer Science

My research interests include information security, risk management, and privacy.