Using Relax Operators into an MDE Security Requirement Elicitation Process for Systems of Systems


Systems of systems (SoS) are large-scale systems composed of complex systems with difficult to elicit and model emergent properties. One of the most significant challenges in the engineering of such systems is how to elicit their non-functional requirements such as security. In this proposal paper we introduce a Model Driven Engineering (MDE) security requirement process for SoS. It is based on the Relax language to define invariant and relaxed security requirements. This enables taking into account security concerns early in the requirements phase of the SoS. We illustrate our process on a maritime safety and security case study.

In ECSA 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Systems-of-Systems (SESoS'2014)
pages 32
Paris, France, 10-13 juin 2014


systems of systems, requirement engineering, security, MDE

Manuel Munier
Manuel Munier
Associate Professor in Computer Science

My research interests include information security, risk management, and privacy.