IoT: data stream control

May 28, 2019·
Manuel Munier
Manuel Munier
Vincent Lalanne
Tatiana Shulga-Morskaya
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Connected objects, through their networking, form what is called “Internet of Things” (IoT). Everyday objects are progressively equipped with sensors and connected to each other to allow the development of new uses or facilitate decision-making or information for users. All aspects of daily life are concerned: health, housing, work. In fact, the paradigm of the IoT, which appeared recently, is part of the emerging third generation Internet (or Web 3.0) that will become the Internet of services. Beyond the technical aspects of hardware systems (connected objects) and software (deployed services), we are interested in information exchanged by these different systems, and more particularly in the control of these information flows. In this contribution we tackle this issue from the point of view of users in the light of the protection of personal data, with smart cities as a field of application.
In 37ème Congrès INFORSID (INFORSID'2019-QualityIoT) → Génie logiciel et qualité de l’internet des objets

Paris, France, 11 juin 2019